I am trying to purchase Vidgeos but the payment failed!

If you are attempting to purchase using PayPal, please reach out to them directly for additional insight as we do not receive any data back from PayPal when a payment attempt fails. If you are using a credit card we can generally provide some additional insight. Please contact us and a member […]

I Did Not Receive a Receipt/Payment Confirmation for My Purchase

If your purchase went through, and payment was processed, you should have received a payment receipt email directly from Paddle. Before reaching out, please make sure that this message was not sent to a different email of yours. Also, be sure to check your spam/junk folders.  If you still cannot find the payment confirmation, please […]


If you do decide that Vidgeos is not for you and want to cancel your account: then, click on the “Look Up Your Order” button, enter your order details, and request a refund. They will process the refund ASAP. Also if we can do something for you in order to […]

How Can I Get an Invoice for My Purchase?

If you’re looking for an invoice for your purchase, we’re happy to help!  Please just email support and request one. We can process your request more quickly if you include your receipt of purchase. Let us know any specific details you need listed, i.e. name, company, VAT etc.  We will reply promptly […]

Animated Text

You can use animated text to focus on important points. To add an Animated Text: 1. Click on the Animated Text element to add it on the canvas. 2. Enter your text in the text box. Animations Option When you animate the animated text it animates the text letter by letter. You can […]

Adding An Icon

Vidgeos includes a complete library of additional icons you can use to further customize and enhance your video. 1. Click the Elements and click Icon. 2. The lists of available icons will appear. Scroll down to see more available icons. Then click the icon you wish to use and it will be added […]


Shapes functionality is really powerful to create diagrams and other graphics for your Vidgeos. To add the Shape object to your timeline:1. Click on the timeline where you want the shape to be added 2. On the left side click on the Shape element Shape StyleOnce the Shape is added […]

Mail Form

Have you ever wondered how to add an opt-in form in your video? With Vidgeos Mail Form element you can now capture leads while your vidgeos play. To add the Mail Form: 1. Click on the timline where you want to add the mail form. 2. On the left side […]


Having a countdown timer on your offers create a burning desire on visitors that encourage them to act now and avoid missing out on your offer. To add to your timelime simply click on the Countdown on the Elements panel Changing the end date1. At the left toolbar click on gear icon 2. Select Date, Time, […]


Vidgeos provides an icon library that you can use to customize and enhance your presentations. To add an icon. 1. On the Elements tab at the left side click on the Icon element 2. The icon library will appear, choose the icon you like to add to your timeline To edit/change the […]