Adding An Icon

Vidgeos includes a complete library of additional icons you can use to further customize and enhance your video.

1. Click the Elements and click Icon.


2. The lists of available icons will appear. Scroll down to see more available icons. Then click the icon you wish to use and it will be added to your page. 



In style, you can change the color of the icon, adjust its transparency as well as its size.


Shadow – H
    lets you add a shadow to the icon horizontally

Shadow – V
    lets you add a shadow to the icon vertically

Shadow – Blur
    lets you add a blur to the shadow

Shadow – Color
    lets you add color to the shadow


The animations is where you can to adjust the Effect of the icon in your video and how it appear during INMIDOut, and Loop.



The interactivity will animate the icon when you move your mouse cursor over the icon.


The On Click option will give an action to the icon, you can set it to open a link in a new window/same window, start a phone call, pause/resume/restart the vidgeo.

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