Animated Text

You can use animated text to focus on important points.

To add an Animated Text:

1. Click on the Animated Text element to add it on the canvas.

2. Enter your text in the text box.

Animations Option

When you animate the animated text it animates the text letter by letter.

You can add an IN, MID, OUT, and LOOP animation to the text.

Select the animation in the Effect drop-down list.
Change the Duration, which will affect how long the animation last, Max of 10 seconds.

Increase or Decrease the Delay to change when the animation will start after the video loads.
The ItemsDelay is the delay of the animation of each letter.

Style Option

The Style option is where you can change the font color, font type, size, and more options.

At the left side of the canvas click Options > Style.

You can also add a text shadow.



The interactivity will animate the text when you move your mouse cursor over the text.

At the left side of the canvas click Options > Interactivity.


The On Click option will give an action to the text, you can set it to open a link, start a phone call, resume/pause/stop the video.

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