Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export a vidgeo into a .MP4 file?

We have created a video tutorial showing you step by step which you can view by clicking here. In short, vidgeos uses live API’s and other tech elements which enable the videos to be translated in real time as well as display viewer specific information which isn’t possible with a standrad MP4 video. That said, you can easily record your vidgeos into MP4 videos using screen recording software such as Camtasia, videomotionpro and other FREE screen capture software.

What are the recommended web browers for vidgeos?

Vidgeos works well on all browsers, that said for the voice recording component, Google chrome & firefox are the recommended browsers to use. Other browsers such as safari aren’t 100% compatible and are limited in their integrations with our application.

Can I upgrade my account to a different license?

Yes, during the launch promotion you can still upgrade to the yearly or lifetime licenses. To do so, please submit a support ticket with the subject line ‘Vidgeos Licnese Upgrade’. To submit a support ticket simply click here.

Can vidgeos automatically translate text in any main language?

Yes!  Vidgeos offers the ability to translate your text into all languages using the technology of Google Translate.

It’s not going to be 100% gramtically accurate all the time as its done automatically. But we are adding in the ability to add in your own manual translations which will enable you to have 100% accurate translations if you want to market in two specific countries for example.

Where can I find the upgrade 1 I purchased?

If you purchased the first upgrade with the 100 extra slides and 40 additional monthly slides then you will automatically find them within your templates library inside of the vidgeos studio.

New templates will be marked with a star to help you identify the newest designs.

Where can I find the upgrade 2 I purchased?

The upgrade 2 with pro features have already been added to your account. You can find the tap-to-call, social share, extra text fonts, extra transition animations and 30 premium audio tracks within the vidgeos studio.

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