Recording Voiceover

Instantly record your own using our built-in voice recording app to add voice narration to your videos.

To record voiceovers:

1. Click Voiceover below the canvas

2. Click on Enable Microphone

3. You will have two options:

Record your voice from scratch
– Click Start Recording

– When done, Click Stop Recording

– Enter a name for the recording and click Save

Record Watching the Vidgeo.
РClick Open Muted Preview

– When ready click Start Recording

– When finish click Stop Recording

– Enter a name for the recording and click Save

4. At right side of the canvas, click on the Audio panel. From here you will locate the recordings you have saved.

5. Click the Add button. You can then add the recording to the entire video by clicking Add to BG. Or add to a slide only by clicking Add to Slide.

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